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Lightouch™ Versiflex & Microstep UV Curing Systems

How can printers benefit from the advantages of UV Curing in printing, converting and coating?

Most printers and converters seek to improve product quality and offer customers unique designs with outstanding product performance. Converters that utilize Lightouch™ Versiflex and Microstep UV curing systems can offer their cus tomers these distinct benefits.

  • Ultra-high print quality – outstanding ink density, rich solids and fine print quality for printing applications
  • Durability – proven ink/coating abrasion and chemical resistance for superior quality control
  • Chemical protection – UV curing involves cross-linking from a chemical reaction that offers improved chemical resistance for top-notch product quality and outstanding product longevity
  • Green technology – 100% solid inks, coatings and adhesives are cured through exposure to intense UV light. The advantage is that no VOC’s are required in the process or emitted in to the atmosphere.
  • Reduce energy consumption – Lightouch™ UV curing technology utilizes auto intensity ramping to deliver the exact amount of power at varying line speeds saving valuable energy.
  • Higher throughput – Lightouch™ UV Curing systems are uniquely designed with high efficiency stepped-ellipse reflectors that deliver 35% greater curing power at the web resulting in higher line speeds.
  • Less downtime – PLC controlled Lightouch™ Versiflex and Microstep UV curing systems include auto fault protection and auto troubleshooting to maximize uptime

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NEW Lightouch™ UV LED Curing Systems

Exciting emerging technology poised to change the world of UV curing.

Lightouch UV-LED Curing systemConventional mercury vapor UV curing technology has been utilized in the converting market for decades to cure inks, varnishes & adhesives due to the outstanding physical and chemical properties it offers. NEW Lightouch™ UV LED curing systems offer the same properties with the advantage of substantial savings in energy, maintenance and downtime when compared to conventional technology. This new light-emitting diode technology offers these distinct benefits.

  • Green technology – 60% Energy savings over conventional UV systems
  • Long life – 20,000+ hours of non-degrading UV LED output
  • High powered – 16 W/CM² of UV power at 390nm spectral output
  • Low heat – Dramatically reduced IR output for converting heat-sensitive substrates without chill rolls
  • Maintenance free – No moving parts to replace
  • Instant-start technology – Digital on/off automatic power controls with closed loop auto intensity proportional to press speed
  • Quiet operation – Simple water-cooled LED lamp heads
  • Compact design – Ultra slim lamp heads for tight retrofit or OEM installations
  • No HVAC required – Eliminates exhaust blowers & expensive venting costs
  • Environmentally friendly – produces no Ozone, no mercury lamps required

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Maximizer IR Drying Systems

A production facility should be designed for maximum throughput in all phases of operation. Press and coating line speeds can be dramatically improved by utilizing highly efficient Maximizer electric impinged air infrared drying systems for outstanding throughput performance.

Drying inks and coatings can be a difficult task due to generous coverage required in many applications. Maximizer impinged air IR drying systems offer these unique and distinct benefits.

  • Excellent efficiency – Maximizer designs utilize durable, IR quartz tube heaters controlled by digital technology for precise temperature output control at all line speeds
  • Outstanding durability – Solid state electronic controls with closed loop intake and exhaust systems
  • Reliability – Maximizer IR drying systems are virtually maintenance free and are transparent to the operator with their “set-it & forget-it” controls

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Combo In-line UV/IR Systems

Converting complexities now require most converters to run a variety of chemistries from water based to solvent based to UV formulations in order to reach the desired effect. Combo Lightouch™ UV and Maximizer IR drying systems offer distinct in-line advantages and benefits for optimum production results.

  • Fast job changeovers – Compact in-line combo UV-IR hood requires no re-webbing for different ink or coating chemistries.
  • Reduce floor space – One common exhaust blower and controller reduces floor space and energy usage
  • Simplified operation – Color touch-screen operator interface offers simple selection and programming for specific UV or IR jobs

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