Environmental Benefits Of Ultraviolet Curing

Our environment has become very fragile in the last 50 year with concerns over global warming and waste production. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are the number one contributor to destruction of the ozone layer in our upper atmosphere which has protected our environment since the beginning of time.

UV cured chemistry is typically made of 100% solid compositions which include no VOC’s making them extremely environmentally friendly in all manufacturing sectors.

UV cured products including printing of all types, automotive applications, medical products, electronics and household goods have allowed manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprint and improve our environment substantially. The elimination of VOC’s in manufacturing reduces the amount of hazardous waste disposal and the potential release of chemical waste in to our precious atmosphere. In fact, many federal and local governments encourage the use of ultraviolet curing in all sectors of manufacturing as one of the most “Green” technologies worldwide.