Improved Production Throughput

Improved product quality and production efficiencies

Stream-lining production is an excellent way to increase profitability and reduce waste. Traditional solvent or water based chemistries require that the carrier in the form of solvent or water be “flashed-off” or dried out of the compound to leave behind solid materials for the desired application. The process of atomizing these liquids not only releases VOC’s in to our environment, but also requires significant energy in the form of heat and airflow to release the liquids and remove them from the compound. Line speeds are typically slower when using water or solvent chemistry due to dwell time and the lack of available, affordable intense heat sources required to dry at high speeds. Ultraviolet curing is a chemical reaction that forms the desired characteristics instantaneously upon exposure to UV energy. Line speeds can be improved by 30-50% over traditional methods resulting in improved production throughput and bottom-line profitability.