Lightouch™ Combo UV / IR Dryer System

The perfect in-line curing & drying solution

System features:

  • Compact in-line system quickly dries water or UV based inks
  • Digital, fully programmable UV-IR touch screen operator interface
  • Easily retrofit in-line on to virtually any web press
  • Combines 400 or 600 WPI UV curing in-line with 9-bulb impinged-air IR drying
  • Save floor space with the new combo digital electronic controls

Combo In-line UV / IR Dryer System Description

Our design engineering team has combined the proven Lightouch™ UV curing system with the new Maximizer impinged-air infrared drying system to provide the most compact, reliable and economical in-line UV curing / IR drying solution. Lightouch™ UV curing systems are ideal for curing UV inks, coatings and adhesives, as evidence by more than 3,000 units in the field. Add the compact Maximizer infrared drying system and you have a sleek, in-line, drying solution offering the flexibility of printing UV and water based in one seamless pass.

Maximizer IR drying systems include 4-bulb, 6-bulb and 9-bulb configurations to meet drying requirements in virtually any application. Drying performance is optimized through the use of 16 impingement air slots located above and below each IR emitter to deliver precise air velocity and heat to the web. The Maximizer infrared system includes a digital electronic controller to automatically operate and monitor IR energy proportional to press speed, while controlling intake & exhaust blower operation to maintain ambient web temperature during line stops.

The compact combination UV-IR hoodrequires a web length from 12"-19” making it easy to retrofit on to existing equipment or integrate in to new equipment designs. The installation of a Lightouch™ / Maximizer combo system provides worlds of flexibility, promoting combination printing in any configuration on virtually any in-line press or coating line. Simple remote operator interface allows operators to select either UV or IR in each station depending on the job at hand. System controls are slightly larger than the Lightouch™ Versiflex controller yet occupying the same floor space.

To download Combo In-line IR / UV Drying System Brochure, click here.

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