NEW Lightouch™ UV LED Curing Systems

60% Energy saving over conventional UV

The world of UV curing is rapidly evolving with the advent of light emitting diode technology integrated in to the New Lightouch™ UV LED curing systems. Ideal for heat sensitive substrates; the sleek UV LED line offers 30 W/CM² of targeted power while producing extremely low IR energy. Lightouch™ UV LED technology has been tested and authenticated with multiple international ink, varnish and adhesive manufacturers and is proven to thoroughly cure at high line speeds.

Lightouch™ UV LED curing systems offer outstanding features that dramatically improve uptime and throughput.

System Features

  • 60% Energy savings over conventional UV systems
  • 20,000 hour LED (light-emitting diode) Life
  • 30 W/CM² of UV power at 390nm spectral output
  • No lamp shutters/reflectors or moving parts
  • Instant on/off lamps with digital controls
  • Simple water-cooled LED lamp heads
  • Compact lamp heads
  • No mercury lamps required

System Benefits

  • Lower operating costs, 50% smaller carbon footprint
  • Zero downtime for bulb changes
  • High line speeds when curing inks, varnishes & adhesives
  • Zero LED lamp head maintenance
  • Eliminate exhaust blowers - no shop makeup air, lower operating costs, reduced maintenance
  • Reduces UV maintenance costs up to 85%
  • Less space required – ideal for retrofit
  • Environmentally friendly

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