Lightouch™ Microstep UV Curing System

Excellent UV lamp controller for thin film applications


Microstep UV systems power supply and remote control

System Features:

  • Operator programmable 21-stage UV intensity control
  • Auto-ramp UV intensity control - "set it & forget it"
  • Color touch screen remote control with setup, run and fault menus
  • Auto fault protection and troubleshooting to reduce waste
  • Reminds operators when to perform routine maintenance
  • 19-Point stepped ellipse reflector imporves UV curing performance by more than 35%
  • Optional equipment includes: cool UV, 600 Watt upgrade, additional web box for remote station mounting and prox package for system portability

Microstep UV System Description

Microstep UV curing systems include a 21-stage PLC electronic UV controller for the most demanding applications. A fully adjustable Microstep UV controller offers the same features as the Versiflex UV controller, but with tighter programmability of UV intensity control for converting extensible materials.

The adjustable 21-stage electronic UV power supply is fully programmable in 20 WPI increments. Like the Lightouch™ Versiflex UV system, Microstep is compact, portable & fully programmable using the color touch-screen remote operator interface. Auto-ramp ultraviolet curing control optimizes UV output proportional to press speed in small increments maintaining stable web temperatures during setup and normal operation. Microstep UV controllers also feature automatic troubleshooting, auto fault protection & routine maintenance reminders. The PLC controlled UV system is completely programmable allowing operators to make adjustments on-the-fly for shutter timing, auto-ramp settings, press speed calibration & more.

Microstep UV curing controllers can be combined with compact Lightouch™ cassette style, “cool UV” lamp heads and sophisticated closed-loop variable speed exhaust blowers for stable web temperature control & precise UV curing. Typical applications include converting of thin films in UV flexo, UV offset and UV rotary screen applications where tight web temperature windows are critical to minimizing waste and maximizing UV cured product throughput.

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